Legendary Tales of WWE – Legends Of Wrestling II – Game Boy Advance

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Legends Of Wrestling II – Game Boy Advance

“The Game Boy Advance version was by far the lowest-rated WWE game of all time. Described as ugly, clunky, and just plain awful, the game proved to be a train wreck.”. (Koebernik,2020)

So when thinking of analysing a ‘bad’ game I tend to think about GameBoy due experiences on the device and reviews on it. “Legends of Wrestling ll” on GameBoy Advance was deemed the worst WWE game of all time due to its picturing and lag on the game. I have structured my analytical framework around structuralism and textual analysis to depict the Legends of Wrestling ll” on the technology piece GameBoy and creating an analysis about the game as played.

What is textual analysis? – Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies Diane Carr

So I have researched about Legends of WWE ll as if I am playing the game and…

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