Oni: Rise of the ‘Girl Gamer’

Rosa's Aesthetic Adventure

Oni, known as “bungie’s forgotten game“, is a third-person action video game developed by Bungie West, a division of Bungie known for the Destiny series. Oni was released on PC and PS2 in January 2001 in a time where the video game industry was almost entirely male dominated, from the production, marketing, purchasing and playing of the game. In 2006 the percentage of women playing video games in the US was 38%, which is likely to be much higher than in 2001. Given that there are no statistics for women in the videogame industry for that time, we can assumed that the percentage of women playing video games was so low that there simply was no demand for video games created and marketed towards women. This can be seen in Oni as the marketing posters clearly aimed to sexualise the main character Konoko by showing more skin than…

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