Mario leaps in 3D

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Super Mario 64 turns 20 and is still one of the greatest 3D games ever |  VentureBeat

If someone was to ask me what game tipped the iceberg for video games I would whole heartily say Super Mario 64

In Super Mario 64, your world is flipped upside with the amount of direction and control you have of Mario. You have tools such as the triple jump, backflip, long jump and many more that truly revolutionized gaming for the time to come.

Best Nintendo 64 Games - Nintendo Life

If we were to analyze Super Mario 64, the main focus would be on the core gameplay. It has been said that Shigeru Miyamoto (one of the core developers for Super Mario 64) spent most of his time on just the movement alone for Mario and it shows to this day.

The level design of Super Mario 64 is also very ground breaking with its enormous amount of choice it gives you. In Super Mario 64 your goal is collect a bunch of Stars from…

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