Analogue Nostalgia: Experiencing the PS2

Ashleigh Grentell

It’s 2008 and you’ve just sat down beside your cousin; the PS2 is booting up with a series of sounds that would become iconic to your generation. What game are you playing and why?


My first experience with gaming was on a PlayStation 2 console, in this exact scenario. We had only one controller, so we took turns with the avatar, the unspoken rule being that you had to pass on your control once you had used up all your lives.

This was the only experience with gaming that ever really hooked me. There was something about that start up sound, about the clicking of the joysticks or the rhythmic hum of the disc circling inside the console that filled me with overwhelming nostalgia.

Interestingly, it seemed that I was not the only one to share in this experience. There was a wealth of forums existing online that…

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