Hey, do you want to play Angry Birds?

Carmody Conversation

I remember it like it was yesterday, December 25th, 2010. The day that will forever be known as the day I, received my first iPod Touch. I had the future in my hands, access to the internet, music, videos, games and the weather, but of course I had to share it with my brother and sister, that was not by choice, but you know sharing is caring I guess.

I took my new found powers very seriously, only downloading things that would be beneficial to myself and others. First I downloaded Real Fishing 3D, then of course Angry Birds. Basically the necessities for any iPod touch user in 2010.

Giphyy// Angry Birds

I remember the excitement that came with a new game like Angry Birds, the stress of knocking over all the blocks to destroy those smug little pigs, trying out all the different types of birds and their skills…

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