Guitar Hero’s intriguing past

runaway towards the clouds with me

Resurrecting a dead game?

The forgotten game I would propose to analyse is the 2008-2009 series Guitar Hero: On Tour. This game was a staple of my childhood, and I fondly remember playing it on my Nintendo DS Lite. Rather than an individual title, I think an analysis of the series would provide a broader overview of the game, specifically allowing the target audience to be more easily identified due to the varying concepts and song choices throughout.

Guitar Hero: On Tour trailer

To analyse the series, I would start with focusing on the key structuralist elements, the hardware controls and their relation to gameplay mechanics plus the User Interface (UI). Vicarious Visions worked to develop a unique ‘guitar grip’ that utilised the Game Boy Advance port present in the DS or DS Lite. This grip made the game stand out from competitors and…

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