Guided By Nostalgia: Why Do Players Prefer Old School Runescape?

James Burnes

Comparison of the games –

Runescape has existed for over 20 years and has maintained a steady player base for its lifespan. However, in 2013, the game was split into 2 iterations when the fanbase was massively divided over the direction of the game, sparked by the “Evolution of Combat” update, branded Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 (referred to as just “Runescape”).

The official Runescape developers announcement of the Evolution of Combat update with 9K dislikes

Since then, discussion over which version of the game is superior has filled online spaces, propagated by internet personalities and subreddits alike. This proposes an interesting basis for textual analysis of a video game, outlined in Diane Carr’s “Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies”, which demonstrates the methodology of such an analysis. For Runescape, this would encompass analysing the difference between the versions in terms of the mechanics and interface, as…

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