What the hell was Purble Place?


Some of my earliest memories of video gaming were playing the free games that came with every Windows computer such as Chess, Mahjong, Solitaire and…Purble Place? A mysterious game of the late 2000s, Purble Place came out of nowhere and disappeared just as unexpectedly. I would love to analyse what it was about Purble Place that made it a staple in so many childhoods, and how it ended up a forgotten game.

The analytical framework I would use to analyse Purble Place is content analysis. The purpose of content analysis is, as described by Mariette Bengtsson in their paper How to plan and perform a qualitative study using content analysis, “to organize and elicit meaning from the data collected and to draw realistic conclusions from it.” (Bengtsson, 2016) When applying this analysis to video games, we look at “coding, enumerating, and statistically analyzing
various elements and characteristics…

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