BCM300 Group Game “FOODIE” – Individual Contribution

Let me introduce the board game that we designed. Our group game is called “Foodie”, which is set in a food court with KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, Red Rooster, and Taco Bell, the five big fast-food stores. In this food court, a murder occurred. Players have to find out who the murderer is by interviewing suspects and witnesses participating in the game and guess who the food court killer is.

The ideating of the game

In the first few weeks, we are informed to form a group to design and play the board game together. However, because some of us are unable to come to campus, so we have formed a group of six people to design our board game online. To be honest, it is extremely difficult to communicate and collaborate with others in virtual collaboration because we are unable to meet face to face with each other. As…

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