Androids vs Mutants: Making a game experience

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Making a tabletop game with a group was a hard but rewarding experience to go through with. Coming up with the basic ideas for a table-top board game and dealing with game mechanics, the three act structure amongst a group of people was a challenge that was tough and equally interesting. The game we came up with is ‘Androids vs Mutants‘, a table-top RTS game pitting Androids and Mutants battling on a post apocalyptic Earth where humanity has been wiped from the planet. An infection had spread throughout the human population, causing massive death and a select few to gain mutations. Fearing world-wide devastation and loss of life, humanity had developed androids to help combat and kill every infected individual. Instead, they turned on the humans and, combining with the infected, destroyed all human life on the earth. And now, the androids and mutants must fight it out…

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