My Contributions in the Creation of A Game Of Thorns

Casey Lydia

The depiction of women on reality dating shows inspired A Game of Thorns. In popular culture, women are frequently cast in roles that are either sweetย and delicate with little depth or character, or nasty, egotistical and โ€œbitchy.โ€ Our game takes this concept and employs trope subversion to examine socioeconomic inequities via the lens of cultural memory studies. I played a key role within the development of this artefact, alongside Charlea, Emma and Matt. Together, we followed a process of ideating, making, rapid prototyping and iteration to develop a meaningful text. This blog post analyses the key learning moments from our journey as well as provides insight into my individual contributions to the overall experience.

Throughout the process of designing, playtesting, and presenting our group game experience design, I was able to develop my knowledge of key concepts and theories as well as grow my skills in a collaborativeโ€ฆ

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