Individual Contribution to Mixology Madness

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If you have been around me the past couple of weeks, you might have learnt a few things about something called Mixology Madness. If you have not, here is a little run down.

I do a subject called Game Experience Design (BCM300) and in that subject we look at the intricacies and theories behind game playing. But one of our tasks for this subject is to create our own board game with a group. My group consisted of 3 members other than my self – Charlotte Pierro, Michaela Shales and Hannah Dower. We created the game called Mixology Madness.

Mixology Madness is a card deck building based game. Players are required to create and build their own cocktails – under the story that they are in a bartending competition. Players can choose their own path, if they wish to work solo and just aim to win, or they can optionally…

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