Have You Met Me? – BCM300 (Group Contribution)

- trying to adult -


Over the last couple of months Danielle, Ruby, Tobias, Seth, Hunter, Casey and myself have been developing, prototyping and playtesting our game called “Have You Met Me?”. This process has been successful and very challenging at times, having so many minds on this project made it sometimes difficult to ensure everyone was on the same page for the development and mechanics. We overcame this with coordinated group meetings and regular discussions to collaborate on the develop the game mechanics, design contents, discuss themes and settings for intended markets.


Week 5


Tobias, Hunter, Ruby, Danielle and I brainstormed our group interests, these were pop-culture, uni-life, travel and UOW. We also discussed our dating lives, and this sparked stories and developed an interest we all had and that’s where our game theme was developed. I mentioned to the group about the US tv show “Are You the One?” which…

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