FOODIE board game

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

When it came to the offical creation of our board game there were a few hiccups. To start we all enjoyed different aspects of board games. Some of us liked card games, some murder mystery, some liked games with dice and some liked games involving the concept of food. Our starting point was a little difficult, however we decided to make a game similar to Cluedo which is a game that incorporates some of our main target features; cards, murder mystery and dice games. However it didn’t support one key point… the incorporation of the food concept.

After doing a bit of research into the game Cluedo (otherwise known as Clue) theres a reason as to why the game is so successful across America and Australia. The game is family friendly, includes crime – which until this game wasn’t extremely common in board games – also has elements of randomness…

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