‘Don’t Drop the Bomb’ Contribution


‘Don’t Drop the Bomb’ was a collaborative game developed by Bella Creswick, Josephine Doyle, Olivia Burt, Katelyn Giuditta, Laura Wilson and myself. Linked are their individual blogs discussing the game developing process and their contributions. 

In order to work collaboratively on the Group game design and keep on track of the process, we created a Group Journal where we had added in our weekly task, game ideas, images, research, playtesting and iterations. Josephine had put a lot of effort into providing research and sources weekly into our Group Journal.

Prototyping ‘Sneaky Blinders’

Prior to creating ‘Don’t drop the Bomb’, our initial idea was a game called ‘Sneaky Blinders’ which was a party role-playing game that was influenced by Spyfall. When it came to play-testing the game, we had found there were the same common flaws no matter how much we adjusted the mechanics and play…

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