Deadlines: The Game

Alicia McFadden

Deadlines is a chaotic, cooperative and competitive card game where players must race against the clock and work together to pass their group assignment, but don’t think it is that easy. Players are also trying to achieve the highest individual grade along the way to win the game, all while trying to keep their cool. In this lose together or take it all game, you never know what to expect but the unexpected.

What you have just read is the game blurb, which I wrote, for my groups tabletop game which we created called Deadlines. My group which consists of Amy, Dayle, Elliot and Liz, worked hard to create this game which we are all quite proud of and excited to share (watch our presentation here).

In this blog post , I will be discussing my individual contribution to the group game and the specific role I played in…

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