Contributing to “Don’t Drop the Bomb”

Bees and Bells

“Sneaky Blinders” initial prototype

“Don’t Drop the Bomb” was created by Josephine Doyle, Olivia Burt, Amelia Raffo, Katelyn Giuditta and Laura Wilson. Please check out the contribution blogs linked to their names.

Before our team reached the final game “Don’t Drop the Bomb” we had created a different game “Sneaky Blinders” but it was through our playtesting that we discovered that there were too many mechanics that hindered the game. Sigart (2008) notes that mechanics effect the player experience, challenges and emotions which was evident in our response to the game. We realised that too many rules, restrictions or influences meant there was no replayability and no room for interpretation. By conducting the game ideation together we were able to collectively decide aspects of games that we enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. By doing this collectively we were able to get a good scope of varying opinions…

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