Collaborative Game Design: Creating ‘Don’t Drop the Bomb’

Josephine Doyle

‘Don’t Drop the Bomb’ is a fun, abstract game created collaboratively between myself, Olivia Burt, Laura Wilson, Bella Creswick, Katelyn Giuditta and Amelia Raffo.

Playtesting ‘Don’t drop the Bomb’

As part of a group game design task, we developed an idea for a game and conducted rapid ideation and a fully functioning prototype which we playtested and iterated.

Our Group Journal is a collaborative Google Doc where we all recorded our entire iteration process including photographs and links to our research. While initially constructing the layout of the group journal, I felt it would be valuable to treat it like a weekly checklist with actionable objectives that we can tick off once completed. Under every new week, I would note the instructions from our tutor as well as our group seminar plan so that we knew what we needed to achieve and kept us on an effective time schedule.

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