Blog 2: group assignment and individual envolvement

The Lime and Dry

Have you met me? Began as all group assignments do with a long drawn-out silence, unlike most group assignments this didn’t last all too long due to prompting from Chris Moore and Richard Hall. The group of 7 that we ended up with for this project consisted of Casey, Danielle, Hunter, Jett, Ruby, Seth and Myself. From my memory The initial idea for the game came from Jett, as we were throwing ideas back and forth. The idea for the name I believe came from hunter and I along with the rest of the group throwing pop culture references around, the name derives from the popular show How I Met your mother and one of its most famous call backs, “Have you met Ted”.

We began the prototyping of the game in the first week deciding on the initial first interrelation’s structure and how we believed it would be played…

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