Androids vs Mutants: My Individual Contribution

Rachel Weisz

In the last couple of weeks Ben, Sean, Leo and I have prototyped a tabletop war-game for our class BCM300; Game Experience Design. Each of us contributed to the assessment by formulating ideas, presenting background research and experiencing playtesting.

Here is our video:


The design process was a tricky one to get around in my opinion. I missed out on the first week where the class was put into groups. When I came back, the boys had an idea of creating a war-based game starring America vs Japan. There were no characters in mind just yet, but there was the idea of a tabletop war-game that involved two sides. Upon further reflection I felt that the America vs Japan idea may not be the best route as we thought of the complications that came with this which may include lack of cultural understanding, cultural appropriation and bias character traits.

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