My Contribution to Mixology Madness

michaela shales

In this blog post, I will be explaining my contribution to our group game called Mixology Madness. My group includes Hannah, Alex, Charlotte and I. Considering we couldn’t create a drinking game, we thought of the next best thing… a party game! Together we decided to create a fun card game about cocktails. The aim of Mixology Madness is to be the first person to make a cocktail drink with the cards provided. There are 3 types of cards; the cocktail cards, ingredients cards and the alcohol cards. Players also have the option to sabotage other players in gameplay. The first person to make a cocktail wins the game!


In the original stages of the assignment we brainstormed various concepts and ideas based around the group’s interests. We spoke about margaritas, fantasy and even the apocalypse. Personally, I am not very involved in the gaming industry so…

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