Have You Met Me?

immerse into media

This semester, Hunter, Casey, Seth, Danielle, Tobias, Jett, and I have been working on our group tabletop game – ‘Have You Met Me?’ This game is a dating inspired card game with a deck of 130 cards and is a 4-10 player game. Surprisingly enough, the first game genre/theme we discussed about, we ended up staying with throughout the entirety of completing the game rules, mechanics, and design processes.

During the first week of designing the game, Jett was the one who sparked the idea in everyone’s minds. He spoke about the Netflix show ‘Are You the One?’, where each ‘player’ or ‘contestant’ on the show was there to find their perfect match and test if they could get it right. Reality TV at its finest if you ask me. From this, as a group we all started to come up with masses of ideas of…

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