A Game of Thorns

Casey Lydia

A Game of Thorns is inspired by the falsities and drama of reality dating shows. The game uses the element of collaborative story telling in which players sabotage each-other to eliminate competition to ultimately win. A game of thorns plays on the idea of trope subversion. It takes the idea of typical dating shows seen in popular media and flips it to analyse social inequalities. It is based on the idea of villains being the best written or portrayed female characters, because they are the only ones who aren’t two dimensional. In reality dating shows a narrative is shaped and often leaves women in roles as either sweet and gentle, with no character or depth, or evil, narcissistic and ‘bitchy’ with character.  

Through media, ideas about the past are constructed, circulated, and preserved. Peterson et al state that while simulations fail to act as “genuine” historical representations, they still “successfully…

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