We can play games in class?

Amy Micallef

If you haven’t heard it already…I play games in my BCM 300 class and yes you heard that correctly! You may be wondering why games? What’s the point of playing games, what can you even learn they’re just fun to play….

Well games aren’t just about playing the game! I know as crazy as it may seem…we often miss the details that make the games worth playing. For example have a think about your favourite game, why do you like it? You can’t just say ‘because it’s fun’ what makes it fun. What about these specific games entices you every single time to play it?

Games are about creating an experience, whether that is tangible by the feeling from the product packaging, or the visual component being how pleasing the game looks. It could be how long or short the game is, how competitive the game can get because…

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