Splendor – Confusing but oddly amazing!

- trying to adult -


Splendor is a game for 2-4 players, where you play as merchants of the Renaissance, attempting to buy gem mines, conveyance and stores, this is all a process of obtaining prestige points (Mortensen, 2019). If you are successful you have the opportunity to visit a noble where you will further your luck with reaching those desired prestige points. Players are required to collect chips to purchase then cards, demonstrating card development. These cards then are associated to points which you are required to obtain to win the game (Mortensen, 2019).

Process/Learning Process

The process of myself, Tobias, Ruby and Hunter learning Splendor’s game rules was overall a lot to comprehend. When we opened the box the layout was simple, and everything was well sorted, which made it easy to recognise the difference components of the game. The components included mainly tokens and cards which were highlighted in lecture 4…

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