Playing Games

Dayle Beazley

Playing a game can be fun, infuriating, and thrilling all at once. However, there are so many elements which go into the playing of a game, bringing me to ask two great questions: What makes a game fun? And what makes you want to come back and play again?

Using my own personal experience, I’ll be attempting to answer these questions by analysing my play experience of three vastly different board games.

Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero Dexterity Game | HABA USA
Rhino Hero. Source: HABA USA

The game “Rhino Hero” was designed and released by German toy and game company, Haba, in 2011. The premise of the game is to construct a building that allows our hero, “Super Rhino”, to continue along his hero journey, saving the people (or in the cover art, perhaps other animals) of the city. There’s not much to the physical game itself with there being some roof cards, some walls, and…

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