Paradigms, Players and Participation – The Experience of Game Play

Casey Lydia


Torner describes table top games as having the ability to merge performance, procedures and improvisation to tell stories while reflecting on the nature of storytelling itself (Torner, 2016). Through my encounters with a variety of board games in recent weeks, I have come to agree strongly with this statement. To play is to open oneself up to emotions, reactions, ideas and entrepreneurship. It is to insight critical and creative thinking through operating within the narrative and mechanics of a games world.

Images depict time spent playing a variety of table top games. Pictured is: Codenames, Sherif of Nottingham and Unstable Unicorns.

Prior to this year, my experiences with games were limited to those that were popular in mass media. I have fond memories of Monopoly battles with family, of Cards Against Humanity when I’d had too much to drink and of UNO on rainy days.

To say that the Covid-19…

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