May the odds be ever in your favour…


Come to University and you get to play fun, niche board games and then you can get your degree. It doesn’t sound right does it, although in this case it is, and for this we can thank the University of Wollongong’s Digital Media and Communications department.

For me, growing up in rural outback Australia, we played board games as kids however, we never had the range of games you could find now either in specialty boardgame stores or online. This meant my board game knowledge is limited with only experiencing mass market games, like cluedo and UNO for example.

I never realised that living in a rural area would detract me from so many boardgames, but I never knew any better, I didn’t know what was out there. So, going into my first tutorial I was astonished with the knowledge of boardgames my fellow peers knew but I, unaware…

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