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Game Analyse Blog 1 by Tobias Thomas

The Lime and Dry

Codenames- Vlaada Chvátil


Codenames was the first game that I took part in, during week one it was the first-time id played a word-based card game so the set up for me was a lot of watching and listening. I appreciated the games spy theme including the setting produced through the spymaster and operative, it gave the game life. The game is fairly simple two teams face off each consisting of one ‘spymaster’ and ‘field operative’, the spymaster’s job is to guide the field operative through a minefield like word puzzle to eliminate the other agents, while avoiding the assassin. one aspect that I found intriguing in raising the competitiveness was the chance to risk losing the game or revealing an enemy agent, after the first part of your turn by randomly checking rather then passing. Codenames can be extremely fast paced which I found made it extremely rewarding…

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