During weeks 1-4, I have had the opportunity to play an array of tabletop games. This has broadened my knowledge far beyond the confines of mass-media games, which to my surprise revealed an expansive universe. In this blog post I will be auto-ethnographically analysing “Unstable Unicorns”, and “Sushi Dice” to explore the importance of emotional involvement.


The first game I want to introduce to this analysis is “Unstable Unicorns” (Unstable Games 2018), a strategic card game that incorporates everyone’s two favourite things, destruction and unicorns. This game on first interaction appeared to be a collectable card game (CCG). In retrospect, this game is a modern take on a CCG. I think this is deliberate due to this genre’s history of wide profitability in the entertainment history; since the notable nineties card game“Magic: The Gathering”(García-Sáncheza, et. al 2018). The sentiment of a CCG is evident in the game’s…

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