Codenames, Takenoko, & Unstable Unicorns: An Experience Analysis

Hey, Honey!

Codenames: Pictures

  • Learning Process – 5/5 spies

  • Material Interface – 4/5 spies

  • Gameplay and Interaction – 4.5/5 spies

Being a seasoned Codenames player in my youth, I felt somewhat confident in interacting with the games set of rules. It seemed the players around the table had a similar idea on what Codenames Pictures was loosely based off, so we took to unboxing the game with instructions manuals, varying cards, and a piece I had no clue about, I knew it was time to consult the internet while other players read the manual. The material component of the game was too convoluted to understand so early in the morning, and we were in need of a more concise explanation.

I immediately regretted having any semblance of confidence in how to play the game as soon as I started reading the rule book. Thus began the experience of learning how to replay…

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