A Sesh With Seth

For the past four weeks we have been participating in a number of tabletop card games with our fellow peers. This blog will not be a review of these games but a description of my own involvement while learning, playing and sometimes winning… (Not often though). I have chosen to discuss two games within this blog in an attempt to compare and contrast both experiences. The games I will be talking about are “Rhino Hero” by HABA Games and, “The Botch” by Talen Lee. I enjoyed playing both games and I believe they both have valid points to expand on, especially when comparing the two. 

Starting with, “Rhino Hero” as this was the very first game, I played in week 1 of BCM300. To be completely honest, my very first thoughts about this game (basing my opinions completely off the box art) was that it was a children’s game and…

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