BCM300 Blog #1

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This is my BCM300 assessment in the form of a YouTube video. I believe a video is a more fun and interactive way to share my experiences on board games.

The two board games I criticise in depth are: Code names and Takenoko. I have chosen to discuss these 2 games as they are quite unique from each other and I had never played them before.

A Summary of Codenames:

Themes: family, guessing, luck, party games, spies and agents, secrecy and memory.

The mechanics: card game, competitive, fast paced, turn based and no limit to team sizes of 2.

My first impression of this game was interesting- due to the design of packaging, as it looked unique and simple. I was good at this game and would recommend a friend to play it.

A Summary of Takenoko:

Themes: family, slow burn, turn based, 4 players, aesthetic, target audience of 8 years…

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