A Game About Kittens


In this blog post, I will be giving a critical recount of my experience playing the game Exploding Kittens. I will discuss the story and settings, game mechanics, learning the game and my overall response to the game.

Cailloi’s Spectrum

Caillois believed that all games sat on a spectrum between Paidia, games that take creative control, free thinking and imagination and Ludus which were games with strict, formal rules. The game could then be put into one of four categories according to the games dominant features.

These were:

  • Agon (contest)- Competition is central and skills determine how successful a player is.

  • Alea (chance) – The game decides who wins as its all up to chance.

  • Mimicry (imitation) – Taking on the role of someone else (such as a spy, vampire etc).

  • Ilinx (vertigo) – Games that are ilinx offer the players a “pleasurable sensation) often through physical activities (riding a…

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