A Beginner Plays Exploding Kittens

michaela shales

In this post I will be going into depth about my experience playing Exploding Kittens. This comedic card game was designed by cartoonist Matthew Inman and created by Elan Lee, who is an American game designer. Leitereg (2020) mentions that “in 2015” Exploding Kittens “raised more than $8.7 million on Kickstarter. The game’s 219,000-plus backers still hold the record for most-backed project on the crowdfunding website”. Personally, I had never heard of Exploding Kittens so I was intrigued to see what all of the hype was about. The game is recommended for players 7 years old and up and should have 2-5 players in each round. 

First Impressions

If I am being honest, at first glance it looks like a children’s game. When you open the box it’s not luxurious at all, there are literally just cards and instructions. This concept was quite new to me, as usually whenever I…

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