Game Experience Analysis-The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow/Werewolf kill (Qinyu Zeng)

Since I did not experience board games such as card games, board games, etc. in school, I was also hindered by many obstacles to try out online game sites on the Internet, so I chose the card game I play most often —The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. It is one of the simplest and easy to learn card games.

Creative background

The earliest rise was in 1986. In order to attract more young people to be interested in psychology, Soviet psychology professor Dmity Daridoff designed a game called “mafia”, which literally translates to “mafia”. Later, The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow was designed by French writers Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly in 2001. It is a game played in a small village haunted by werewolves. Around 2010, it was introduced to China.


Usually 8-18 players are required. The Standard Bureau requires 12 players. Need to have 4 werewolves, 4 special villagers and 4 ordinary villagers, in addition to a Moderator. The 4 special villagers are the Seer (you can check whether a villager is a werewolf every night), the Witch (with two bottles of potion, one bottle can save the slain, and one bottle can poison anyone), the Hunter (if you are Kill or be voted into exile, you can shoot anyone away), the Savior (you can guard a player from being killed by a werewolf every night, and you can’t guard yourself repeatedly).

The goal of the werewolf is to win by killing all the villagers before he is found. The goal of the villagers is to recognize all werewolves and vote to exile them. The game session is divided into day and night. At night, everyone except the werewolves closed their eyes, and the werewolves secretly killed the player they wanted to kill and motioned to the moderator. Once the killing is successful, the moderator will announce dawn and who died. Everyone is free to say (usually in order) who is the werewolf in their hearts and then collectively vote for exile. If there are remaining werewolves on the field, then the game continues at night and restarts.


The most obvious expression of my emotional reaction to this game is: fun and interesting. For example, when I was a werewolf, if I successfully “killed” all villagers and other characters, or if I pretended to be someone else to cover up my true identity, I would have a sense of accomplishment when I finally won. On a deeper level, some of the abilities of oneself and the team can be subtly enhanced in the process of the game. I divide it into three points: 1. Improve logical thinking and judgment. Some people can be calm and face-to-face. The liar is changed, but some people are honestly deceived. Especially when we look at The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow from the perspective of God, we will find that some people are smart and some are stupid, with wonderful tactics. But once you get to the villager’s perspective, you can’t tell the other party at all. It seems that everyone’s words are believable, and even some players don’t know what’s going on from beginning to end. The other party will use your micro-expression and tone to judge whether you are speaking or not. Therefore, in the process of the whole game, it is undoubtedly the best exercise for logical ability. 2. Improve language organization ability. If you want to play The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow well, you need to have sharp words and accurate views while avoiding talking too much and exposing yourself. Regardless of whether what you say is true or false, it must be expressed in an orderly manner, with a clear point of view and highlighting the center. In the process of presenting it in front of everyone in the form of language, whenever there is a phenomenon that the foreword does not follow the backword, it will immediately attract attention. Therefore, this game has a good training for language organization ability and cultivates a good eloquence. 3. Adjust the team atmosphere. This game requires multiple people to participate. The more people who participate, the more exciting the game will be. Therefore, during the process of playing, the game adjusts the atmosphere to make everyone more relaxed, less unfamiliar and embarrassing, and everyone understands each other. The familiar process has also been sped up a lot, and it is more comfortable to get along with each other, which is very suitable for use in ice-breaking activities. Not only the company, many TV entertainment variety shows now also use The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow game to enhance the interaction with the guests.

The social nature of multiplayer games has become an important factor in game design. When considering user experience as an indirect measure of the quality of game design, any comparison of the user experience of multiplayer games must consider the presence of other players, whether virtual or real. The reason why Werewolf Kill is one of the most popular games of choice for gatherings is precisely because of its simple gameplay and allows all players to participate, no one will be singled out. As a reasoning card game, it tests the player’s acting skills and is challenging. In addition to enhancing the player’s reasoning and analysis ability, while entertaining, it can also enhance the player’s interpersonal relationship, and make some like-minded friends in it. Even if you only have two of you, you can play with others in a team. It tests the ability of tacit understanding between players, and can also show the character of the players. Often players with good character have high quality in real life and are easy to be recognized.

In addition, I think it can further develop commercial value. Now that there is demand, there must be a market. Therefore, more and more game companies will develop and upgrade this game, and game companies have certain users, so the corresponding advertising, commercial and other values will follow. Come. In this environment of rapid development of the Internet economy, whoever can attract more users will have more opportunities, and users can generate unlimited value. There are still many implications of this game design, and I personally think that the more games like this one are better.

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