How To Board Game

Alicia McFadden

In this blog post, I will be giving a critical account of my experience playing the tabletop game Codenames. I will discuss the game mechanics and story cohesion, as well as, my learning experience and response to the game.


Codenames Board Game : Target

Players: 4 – 8 competitive or 2 – 8 non-competitive

Ages: 10+

Genre: Party game and Mystery

Developer: Vlaada Chvátil

Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Illustrator: Tomas Kucerovsky

Caillois’s Category: Agon (competitive)

Caillois’s spectrum: Caillois argued all games exist on a spectrum between paidia and ludus, paidia being playful and imaginative games, and ludus being formal and rule-based games (Nielson et al. 2008, pp.25-26). I would say that Codenames sits in the middle of this spectrum, though slightly towards paidia because the game requires you to be creative, and many of the rules are up to players discretion.

Storyand Setting

In Codenames, there…

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