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Over the last three weeks our BCM300 class was tasked with a very important mission… to play games. Throughout these weeks we’ve been play testing a range of tabletop games e.g., Codenames and Sheriff of Nottingham. I’ve decided to specifically analyse one singular game entitled; Codenames, as it was a particularly memorable experience for me.

How to Play Codenames in 3 Minutes via The Rules Girl

Codenames is a tabletop puzzle party game that was created by Vlaada Chvátil and illustrated by Stéphane Gantiez,Tomáš Kučerovský andFilip Murmak. This game was initially published in 2015 by Czech Games Edition. The game requires between 2-8 players, with an age restriction of 14+ only players. The target audience for this game is anyone who is clever with their words and is looking for a good challenge.

Image via CGE

The main theme of this game is a spy…

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