BCM300 Blog1 about the game experience


We finally realized teaching on campus in 2021. I have to say that the new building made me late. This new classroom has many games and a VR experience room, which makes our seminar more immersed in communication.
I came back to school in the second week. I used to play Monopoly on the Internet by myself. This is the first time I have played board games with many people. During the three-hour seminar, our group played a total of three games: Rhino Hero, Unstble Unicorns and Potion Explosion.

Potion Explosion
At first, I was a little afraid that I could not play the game happily with the group members, because I might not be able to understand the rules of the game that an A4 paper is all in English. It turns out that the rules of some board games are not difficult to understand, such as Potion Explosion.

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