Renaissance: A rich merchant by Splendor.

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I was understandably apprehensive about enrolling in a subject that I knew would ultimately require me to make a game of my design. In my situation of staying in Viet Nam and studying online, that sounded like a task well beyond my capabilities. Even then, when Week One’s task was to be supported by Chris and explore many board games, a lot of the anxiety dissipated. 

In Week One, me and my classmate played Splendor, which is a game of chip-collecting and card development. I have known the game Splendor since I was in high school, but I have not had the chance to play it, because at that time, such foreign board games were expensive in Vietnam. For this reason, I got excited when this game is played in the class. Now, I am telling how I played Splendor in this blog.

What is Splendor?

Splendor is a game of chip-collecting and card development. Player is a role as a rich merchant, will use resources to acquire mines, transportation methods and artisans who can turn these raw gems into profitable jewels. Every card you purchase makes it easier to get more cards in the future, and it may also earn you prestige points (victory points). The key is that by buying these cards, players can save money on potential development cards. Run your engine and be the first player to reach 15 prestige points.

How many components in the game?

Although there are only a few different components in Splendor, they are all well-made. The gem tokens are the best aspect of Splendor. They’re stickers that come in six different colors and are a very good weight to them. They’re about the same size and thickness as poker chips, so they feel very natural in your hand, and I find myself fiddling with them all the time while playing.

Also there are 90 development cards in three levels included. Each level of card tends to be more expensive and has utilizing advanced artwork. Gem mines are displayed on level 1, transpiration and cutting are depicted on level 2, and gem shops are described on level 3. The card stock its self is good quality and should hold up to repeated plays. 

Finally, the game includes a total of ten noble tiles. These are bonuses that players can receive throughout the game in order to obtain a little more prestige. The included rulebook is a whopping four pages long, including the cover, and it made learning the game a breeze. I should note that the box is oddly very big for the components inside.

READY!!!Boardgame Splendor - Thu Thập Đá Quý Cities of Splendor Board Game  Card Game chiến thuật | Shopee Việt Nam

How do this game play?

Splendor is a simple game to teach and understand. This game, in my view, can easily be categorized as a gateway game. Naturally, the rules are that turns should be fast and that most people will know what they want to do on their turn. To set up the game, sort the six gem tokens into color-coded stacks. The three levels of creation cards are shuffled, and four cards are drawn from each stack to form a 4×4 grid. Finally, a number of noble tiles (number of players +1) are dealt out at random, and the remaining noble tiles are returned to the box. On a player’s turn, they can do one of the following four action:

• Take 3 gem tokens of different colors

 • Take 2 gem tokens of the same color.

 • Take one development card into your hand and one gold token (gold tokens are wild).

 • Purchase one development card from the table or your hand.

Each card has several icons that indicate the color and number of gems required to buy it. The gem icon at the top of the card, once bought, will give you a discount on future purchases in that color. For example, a player has two diamond mines and wants to buy a card that costs two diamonds and one emerald, they only need to invest one emerald gem token. A player can never have more than 10 tokens in their stash, or three cards in their hand. 

Finally, if a player has enough gem cards at the end of the turn to equal the quantity and form of a Nobel card, he or she collects it and adds it to their prestige ranking.


How do I feel this game?

Splendor has a lot of open information, which is one of its awesome things. I may look around and see what chips their opponents are holding and make educated assumptions about which card they are aiming for. If I guess right, my game play turn will consist of either drawing chips to assist me or reserving the card you know your opponent wants. In Splendor, this is where the majority of player interaction takes place. Splendor’s player scaling is one of the game’s most intriguing features. Splendor’s player scaling is one of the game’s most exciting features. Splendor can be a very strategic game with two teams. Blocking the opponent with a card reservation can be just as critical as claiming a development card who have been eyeing. With easy gameplay as well as strategy, Splendor was a fun experience for me. When I need a gateway game or it’s late and I want to play something that doesn’t require much setup or learning, I’ll take it out. If you are looking for a lighter game that you can easily jump into, give this one a try.

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