Hufflepuff Streams – BCM 215 Contextual Essay

BCM 215 Contextual Essay

Amy Micallef

From the beginning of the semester to now, I have learnt A LOT about games! I have been watching them so much more with everything we have learnt I look at video games and go “wow I can see what Chris is discussing in his lectures now”.

With this being said, my digital artefact has changed a lot. I did a full 180 on my original idea to now.

My original digital artefact was going to explore branding & design through video games. In particular, I was going to discuss the history of video games and how these games have become what it is today. It was going to explore the history & representation of branding.

I changed digital artefacts as I wasn’t motivated to go and write blogposts. For me to understand the games itself I need to be immerged in the culture of the game. This is why…

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