Fall Guys Contextual Essay BCM215

Amely Koenig's Blog and Art

Index- Ideation and Concept, Methodology, Background Research, Utility, Response Feedback, Trajectory, Success and Limitations

Ideation and Concept

My concept wasn’t originally Fall Guys, it was exploring the card game Gwent in the Witcher 3. My goal in the Witcher 3 was to understand the card game better. I abandoned the DA as it was tedious. At the time that I started the semester, I was really into Fall Guys and saw many people helping each other without using verbal communication. That was when my concept for the DA formed, I was curious as to how playing a game with no verbal communication while helping each other could inspire so much fondness for the characters.


While playing this game, my methodology was to wait near the finish line to interact with characters and then use emotes and grabbing to interact with other players. I would try to get their attention…

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