BCM215 – Final DA and Report

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  • Ideate

I decided to analyse the game media of Mario kart because that is the video game I am most familiar with from playing as a kid. My chosen platform is Tiktok, a short video application for it’s popularity, convenience and the current amount of time I spend on the application. The intention was to post weekly a Vlog or screen recording of my experience playing courses of Mario kart with potential voice overs.

  • Method/utility

Mario Kart has been described as a ‘Phenonium’ now since created in 1992. In recent years trends have formed such as real life Mario kart in japan, dress up costumes and gaming streams which allow a niche audience to interact. Several studies have discussed the effects on adults suggesting a distraction from everyday lives with satisfying activities. Mario kart is positive and a place to bond relationships or create memories. The franchise is very…

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