BCM 215: Contextual Report

Benny's Online Hovel


  1. Project Iteration Cycle
  2. Concept
  3. Utility
  4. Methodology
  5. Research
  6. Response to Feedback
  7. Final Thoughts

“Paratext can be defined as the features that surround a text, yet are not recognised as part of it”- Daniel Dunne

Project Iteration Cycle

For the most part, my DA has remained the same except the first episode, it was brought to me that people might not know about the topics I was talking about in my videos and so I made my first episode into a tutorial regarding Pokémon topics. There were minor changes that were made to the project that were brought upon by peer feedback, the other notable change that occurred was that I only made three episodes instead of four.


The idea is that by looking at a particular Pokémon within the lens of multiple different play styles, with two not being the conventional way to play, this will allow us to…

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