There is a Superstition Among Us : Contextual Report BCM215



  • Background and Iteration Cycle
  • Superstitious Pigeons
  • Colour Theory and Culture
  • The Influence of Influencers

My digital artefact is an analysis of the role which superstition plays in the game Among Us, and what factors, ideologies and backgrounds contribute to how people play the game and stereotype certain coloured characters.

Background and Iteration Cycle

When ideating a topic for my project, I originally started with gender representation in video games. Through the project pitch, I narrowed this broad area down to the player experience. However, after the project beta, and reading feedback, I realised how broad my topic was, and how little experience I had with it. I had many conflicting ideas and ultimately decided a change in topic was needed. Therefore, I chose to expand on my group presentation project about a game I really enjoy, Among Us. I combined this and my fascination with psychology and culture to…

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