Doors, Corners and Stairs – An Explanation


Digital Artefact

The Framework

The analytical framework that I had chosen for my digital artefact was influenced by Kirk Hamilton, the author of the article “The Horror of Video Game Doors” (Hamilton, 2015). When the term “the nope moment” was addressed, I immediately thought about all the times doors, corners and stairs in movies have impacted and influenced me. The digital artefact I have been working on explores the concept of doors, corners and stairs in a variety of horror games, in which I had played for the first time. The goal was to analyse these elements in four categories: physical appearance, placement within the game, what happens before, during and after I had approached them and how it influenced me and my game play (Arguello, 2018).

Methodology and Ideas

In the beginning, my goal was to play horror games for the very first time and film…

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