Bcm215 Contextual Report

Hussein Hijazi

Subject Name and Subject Code: Game Media / Bcm215

Tutor: Richard Hall

Assessment: Digital Artefact and Contextual Report

Iteration cycle 

My digital artefact was originally a different idea. I had first planned to review games weekly from the AppStore and review them with games journalism and games criticism. Due to various reasons, I had decided to change my digital artefact only to review the obstacles in the game fall guys while using games journalism and games criticism – because it did enable me to be able to focus on a specific niche and understand one game to a new extent.

My framework

My framework for my project was aiming to provide insight to others about these obstacles which are in fall guys. I am hoping to provide a detailed but yet easy to understand perspective through my writing to people who are interested In the game fall guys and the obstacles as well. Having this specific idea did allow me to write through my own experiences successfully and to have a clear idea of why it is I am doing this project.

My processes

A point of view which aligns with my framework and my process as well is to screenshot and screen record my self completing these challenges. This is to provide a detailed perspective to my audience reading my posts to help them understand why I am writing the way I am, because that documentation can back up why it is im writing my review that specific way. I had also done this in hopes to spark conversation in the comment section of my blog posts.

Failures and things I could have done better

Due to a lack of time management, it was a struggle to advertise my work to the best of my ability for how I would have liked to convey my work. For this project, I do wish I was able to advertise my work on Reddit and Twitter more, that is a downside which I do definitely see for this project.

Background research

Background research which I had undertaken for this project was the study of analysing what games journalism and games criticism is, the fact that I have never used these two forms of writing before did make it challenging to understand what my writing is trying to convey.

I had researched information which is based around games journalism and games criticism, this was done so I would be able to get an idea of what it is I am trying to accomplish when writing through these two forms of writing. Here is an example of some of the research I had gone through, this article is titled “A Brief History of Games Journalism” Rignall, J, 2015. A Brief History Of Games Journalism, USgamer.net. Reading articles like this really allowed me to get an idea on how I want to portray my work through these two forms of writing.

Adapting to feedback

In terms of adapting to feedback from the last assessment, It was mentioned that I had been repeating games journalism and games criticism and that I was focusing my main idea on that. What I should have been doing and wanted to be focusing on more was to be talking about the game fall guys. Once I received that feedback, I did realise that I was focusing on games journalism and games criticism way too much, so with my latest reviews, I did try to incorporate games journalism and games criticism. Still, I focused on what I wanted to speak about when writing my thoughts and opinions on the obstacles. This is an improvement for me personally, because this had enabled me to be free with my writing about fall guys. After all, fall guys is what I want to write about and focus on as the main point of discussion through my reviews.

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