Tales of a bullet sponge- Contextual report- wordpress version

The Lime and Dry


My Digital artefact this semester for 215 was a subsection of my blog analysing game media and their linking paratexts. This idea Stimulated from wanting to work on my WordPress blog, since the start of the year in Bcm112. I was also unable to reuse my past DA from first semester because I couldn’t see a FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) way of bending it to fit the subject goals. So, the tales of a bullet sponge was born to fill this section, allowing me to beautify my WordPress and work on my writing skills. This blog gave me the chance to really for once write about topics I was passionate about and that I enjoyed.My defined social utility for this project was to promoted games in an amusing way and study gaming communities. This leads into my analytical framework.

Analytical framework

My analytical framework for ‘tales of a…

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