ScapeVScape: context matters


My digital artefact, ScapeVScape, aims to understand the player attraction to Old School RuneScape over RuneScape 3 using my analytical framework and real player opinions. 

The Framework (Aesthetics, Affect & Nostalgia)

My Aesthetic analysis was inspired by the A in the MDA Framework (Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics) proposed by Hunicke, Leblanc and Zubek in 2004. This framework breaks aesthetics down into 8 types of fun that the player can experience subsequent to how the game is presented. They include Sensation, Fantasy, Narrative, Challenge, Fellowship, Discovery, Expression and Submission. A modernised version of this framework, the A.G.E model (Actions, Gameplay, Experience), developed by Roberto Dillion in 2010 also influenced my analysis in my DA. 

My second prong of my framework was Affect, but specifically the impact of wearable reward items in RuneScape on player motivation and character customisation. The key academic article I used to aid my analysis…

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