New Gamer vs Pro Gamer: An Experience pt.2

Something About Aliah

Among Us custom games can create unique experiences & are easy to set

Were back again, Jacky and Aliah, here with another game to test if being an inexperienced and experienced gamer makes a difference to the overall enjoyment of a game and this time we are playing… Among Us!

Among Us has received a lot of attention recently, and although it was initially released in 2018, it wasn’t up until now that it really blew up! The game is played by up to 10 players where there is either 1, 2, or 3 imposters (depending upon the settings by the host) and the rest of the players are crew members. The crew members aim is to complete tasks, while the imposters aim is to kill and sabotage the tasks. Once a dead body is found a meeting is called and the players discuss who they believe is the imposter and then everyone votes someone out until either all the imposters are…

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